About sTEFANs

and sTEFANsBench


I, sTEFANs, am a professional software developer having many years experience in software industry in various working areas. I significantly contributed to application- and application framework development for embedded systems as well as PC applications. The developed software aims on convinient GUI and application development for embedded systems for mobile telecomunication devices as well as 3D graphics for automotive user interfaces. Pure programming [mainly in C++, partly Java], software architecture, test management, and heading a larger product development team are the major milestones on my professional way.

After turning my passion into profession and gaining deep knowledge in embedded system development, software development processes, team leading and -management I still find time for my passion developing DB-based web applications mainly in PHP and JSP [see e.g.eBC.bz] as well as Eclipse extensions.

Some years ago I quickly developed a small HTML tool for my own purpose to update web-spaces from SVN repositories via browser. Since this is a tiny tool for a very special purpose, I thought "SVN Web Control (SWC)" might be useful for maybe a handful of other people and so I shared it on SourceForge.net. The success is awesome [5281 downloads till now]. After sharing another project on SourceForge.net and about launching a third one, the time has come for a dedicated web site providing those and future projects: The idea "sTEFANsBench.net" was born.

sTEFANsBench is created with the intention opening (parts of) sTEFANs private workbench to share various [not necessarily software related] projects with different focus. Currently mainly smaller software development related projects are shared, but other, more extensive applications are on the way. Currently I focus parts of my interests on genetic, molecular biology, emergence of semantic and consciousness, and artificial intelligence. It is clear one can expect interesting things to come!

If you have interesting ideas to share, like to give feedback on my work, or simply want to get in touch with me, please simply drop me a mail. Contact information is provided on the contact page.

Have fun!