SWC - Subversion Web Control



Subversion Web Control (SWC) is an "SVN Client" that allows to control a Webspace for web-projects based on SVN via Web Browser: Update your webspace, switch to tags or branches, run SVN commands and much more.


SWC Compact View
SWC bar in compact mode shown above the web page
  • Integrated webspace for mulitple-developer-web-projects
  • Control SVN working copy via web browser
  • Indication of outdated working copy
  • Single click update of working copy
  • Presentation of SVN repository and working copy info
  • Single click creation file releases (Spacealls)
  • Single click SVN commands:
    • Repository Listing
    • Webspace details
    • Change log
    • SVN Cleanup
  • SVNcommandline execution
  • Switching to HEAD, branches, and tag revisions
  • Switching between multiple projects (working copies)
  • Compact and detailed view

Where to Download

SWC - SVN Web Control

Subversion Web Control (SWC) project is hosted on SourceForge.net and can be downloaded via the project's download page.

The migration of the project page from SourceForge.net to sTEFANsBench.net is currently in progress. Once completed, it will be announced via SWC - SVN Web Control project news.

Because SWC v1 was unexpected successful, I plan to provide a new major version suitable for the latest SVN version in near future. Stay tuned!

Purpose and Introduction

SWC - SVN Web Control

Subversion Web Control (SWC) allows to control a Webspace for Web-Projects versioned with subversion (SVN). Imagine, Harry and Sally [yes, the stars of SVN-Book] are working on a web-based project, let's say a new homepage for Bob. They are using Subversion to manage their source code. They have also a nice environment, including an Apache 2 web-server running PHP. They are using Eclipse IDE for their development.

With this environment they can develop their goal fast and easily: Both Harry and Sally got their own virtual servers pointing to their workspaces. So they can test their code independently within a browser. But how do they know, whether the parts they create fit together? How can they make a release or deploy a delivery without checking everything in and update the workspace? Especially if they have to keep things checked out because they are not ready yet? How can Harry be sure that Sally committed everything and didn't forget something?

The solution seams to be at hand: They simply create a common Webspace, on which nobody is working but that contains a certain view of the repository. Fine, but it is not convenient to maintain this webspace. In one case they even could use the svn-shell because they had no direct access to the server. What to do?

These problems belong to the past, because now they are using SWC which is made exactly for this purpose: Managing and maintaining a common webspace with a web browser.

What can SWC do for you?

SWC - SVN Web Control

Basically the same it does for Harry and Sally. SWC is easy to use and appears on top of your webpage. This means that you have your project and repository information in one view. Furthermore, you will be able to

  • Initially check-out the project into the webspace.
  • On your fingertip: Basic information such as current repository revision and webspace revision.
  • See immediately whether the webspace is up to date.
  • Updating the webspace with HEAD - the latest or youngest - revision.
  • Switching to tags or branches; this is very useful reproducing issues on older versions.
  • Digging into the Repository either via SVN Web Access or even via WebSVN.
  • Running predefined SVN commands such as Info, Log, Cleanup and see the result of the operation.
  • Running other SVN commands like on the command line. (For administrators who worry: It can be disabled).
  • Setting the desired frame size your web pages shall fit in.
  • Switching between different projects from a single URL.
SWC Detailed View
Full featured SWC bar as shown in detailed mode

Some functions for a more convenient use of SWC, such as some settings or a compact view that doesn't need much space are available. The project page can be opened in a separate window, independently from SWC.

SWC can even be adapted to your needs: It is fully CSS-styled and it is easily possible to match your design. It is also possible to translate any text used within SWC, basically comes with English and German. But you can add your own language if you want. SWC then uses the language that fits best with your browser settings.

Installation, Confguration, Documentation

SWC - SVN Web Control

Installation, configuration and API documentation can be found on the SWC project page on SourceForge.net.


SWC - SVN Web Control

SWC is protected via GNU Lesser General Public License v2.0.

SWC can also be licensed with Apache License, Version 2.0 if the licensee finds it is more suitable.

SWC - SVN Web Control is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.