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Various things I am working on can be found here. Web tools, Eclipse plug-ins, and other more or less useful things can be found on the bench. Feel free looking round and use my work for whatever you find it beneficial. [Nevertheless please note and respect the license agreements of the different items and projects. I try to apply the most open common license types to my work in order to make it easy to use it legally. And no, not everything here is intended for "re-use" - e.g. logos, photos etc. are not.]

The repertory provided on the bench is continously enhanced: A few projects are in the pipeline and my head is full of ideas... So it is a good idea to frequently check out whats going on here. An easy way to keep informed is for instance to subscribe to my news feeds. [Don't worry, I won't post too much.] Separated project and site feeds as well as a combined feed are available.

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Sun, Feb 26, 2012 00:00:00 UTC, sTEFANs
sTEFANsBench.net is online

I am happy to announce that as of today sTEFANsBench.net is up and running.
It actually took me a little more time as planned to build all the essential site parts but I hope you like the result. I experimented quite some time with different designs. I cannot say which one I like more - "coffee" or "brightSky" - so both are available and can be switched in the page footer. I hope you like it.
Some of my projects are available on SourceForge.net. In the next step I'll migrate the project pages from SourceForge.net to sTEFANsBench.net. You will be informed here about the progress, stay tuned ;-).